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Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons are for students who are 18 or older. Adults do not need Segment I & II but many times require professional support for drivers training. 

Adults 18 and over require no classroom instruction.

There are two parts to obtaining a drivers license for adults:


1. Written Test

2. Practical Test

An adult driver must take a written test at the Secretary of State to obtain a permit. Drivers must then prepare for the road test. Our instructors have years of experience working one-on-one to train drivers. With friendly courteous service, instructors help drivers feel comfortable and confident on the road. In as little as 2 hours behind the wheel, experienced drivers from other countries can become comfortable with Michigan roadways and speed limits. Inexperienced drivers may start from the basics and work their way to comfort and confidence. You choose your sessions, day or night, until you are ready to conquer the road test.


Once you've completed your lessons with us and feel confident with your driving abilities, you are responsible for finding a school offers the road test. Ann Arbor Driving School does not offer road testing.


Adult Form

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